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Surfing the web.

Despite what laptop manufacturers would have you believe, for most tasks you don't need the latest state of the art laptop.

The speed at which you surf the web is down to your internet connection. It's only when you have an ultra fast connection that your laptop speed will effect things. Unfortunately ultra fast internet connection is not available in Ireland. A refurbished laptop is just as good at surfing the web as the very latest model.

Many people that use their laptop for business have a second laptop just for internet tasks. That way there's very little chance of a virus or other nasty software effecting their work or valuable data.

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Study & projects

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Small business

If you run a small business you'll know that you need to control costs. A refurbished laptop is ideal for small businesses.

They're more than happy running Microsoft Office and Open Office. They run accounting software just as well as the latest laptops.

Why not choose a high specification refurbished laptop and you'll get much better value for money. You can also get a much lighter model than a basic entry level new laptop.

Thought long and hard before taking the plunge - buying a second hand laptop and buying it locally felt doubly risky, but I wanted quality and reliability for my (very small, with tiny budget) parish council and I knew these refurbished machines would be a good risk. One of my better decisions. Website helpful and clear; customer service over the phone (a real person who could give real advice and take real decisions) was excellent; ordering was straightforward, and delivery was bang on time.