Friendly and professional computer repairs in Tralee, Kerry.

laptop repairs in tralee, Co. Kerry

We repair & service laptops.

Being without your laptop can be a major headache. And don't they always go wrong just when you need them the most.

But it's not a disaster. If your laptop or PC needs repair we can help. We repair computers of all types. And we don't make a drama about repairs. It's what we do. We're electronic engineers so we can repair circuit boards and components here in our Tralee workshops. It's much faster and less expensive than buying replacement parts and waiting for them to arrive.

We're open Monday through Saturday, no appointment needed, so don't turn a drama into a crisis. Drop in and see what we can do for you.

Rurbished laptops.

Sometimes you don't need to go to the expense of buying a brand new laptop. A refurbished laptop can often be just as good as a new one.

Ideal for staying in touch with social media. Students researching and typing up projects. Surfing the web. We keep a range of refurbished and discontinued model laptops in stock. They're all at reasonable prices and come with a guarantee.

If your not running mission critical, state of the art software you don't really need the latest high spec laptop. Check out our range of refurbished laptops now.

Gaming Machines

Total versatility. Endless possibility. We build gaming PC's.

Are you into computer gaming? We build gaming PC's for serious gamers. You can design your own or buy one from stock. They're all designed and built for some serious gaming.

All the power you want. All the excitement you can handle. Connect to your monitor or big screen TV and enjoy the full PC gaming performance.

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